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Carpet cleaning

When you choose carpet cleaning with Ultra Clean Services Gold Coast you’ll be getting the best possible clean using the latest in cleaning technology and equipment.

Unlike many of our competitors who use a simple 2 step method of spray and extract, we have a stringent multi-step process for carpet cleaning that we follow every time. We use the same process for carpet and rug cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning - Gold Coast - White Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning - Gold Coast - Green Carpet Cleaning

Our multi-step carpet cleaning process involves:

If required, we will vacuum your carpet first to remove any dirt, hair or crumbs.

Spotting will remove most general household stains. Some stains will not be able to be removed, it will depend how long the stain has been on the carpet or rug and what caused the stain.

A pre-spray gets your carpet ready for the deep cleaning process.

This is where we scrub your carpet or rug with our orbital scrubber which cleans the fibres and works the chemical in deeper.

Extract with neutralising rinse
We use a CX15 rotary extractor, not the old fashioned wand style carpet cleaner. This ensure your carpet or rug is free from odours as well as getting a great clean. The higher pressure and better suction means that heat gets trapped in and your deep carpet fibres are cleaned.

If required, we will groom your carpet or rug.

Carpet cleaning for a typical size 2-4 bedroom house takes between 1.5 and 2 hours in total. That includes the time it takes to set up our machines and perform a pre-clean.

We use a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine for amazing results. You’ll get better suction, hotter water, higher pressure and most importantly a deeper clean.

Don’t risk destroying your carpets by using a ‘budget’ carpet cleaning service. Call our friendly team and we’ll give your carpet and rugs a clean that we know you’ll love. We service all areas on the southern end of the Gold Coast and the Tweed Heads surrounding areas.

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