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Check out our gallery for pictures of before and after cleaning and our carpet cleaning equipment. We operate 7 days in the Tweed Heads and southern Gold Coast area for commercial and domestic cleaning services. Get a professional clean with the best carpet cleaning equipment and our multi-step clean system. Call for a free quote.

Using the truck mount on a good day it will take between 2 and 4 hours. This depends on the type of carpet and can be shortened if there is good air circulation e.g. Fans.

A dry clean really only polishes the top of the fibres where as a steam clean will get deep down into the base of the fibres.

A truck mount machine makes the water hotter (the hotter the water the better the clean), gives more suction (helps the drying process be quicker and removes more dirt) and higher water pressure (cleans the fibres better).

As with most things cheaper is not better. Cheap operators generally use cheaper machines and chemicals, they also do the job more quickly by not cleaning the fibres correctly and more often than not don't have insurance, training or give a Satisfaction guarantee.

At least once a year but if the carpets are heavily used e.g. pets, kids etc. at least 6 monthly.

Extremely Important!! Different carpets and spots etc. require compatible chemicals. Carpets can be quite delicate and using the wrong chemicals can do irreparable damage to your carpets.

Urine goes on as an acid and transforms into an alkaline crystal (Salt residue combined with bacteria) over the next 72 hours. The salt crystal draws moisture from the air which feeds the bacteria. The higher the humidity the more the bacteria breeds. The bacteria give off a gas that we recognise as urine. There are some products that carpet cleaners can acquire which when poured on the urine area actually kill the bacteria and then extract it away.

Firstly you should NEVER rub carpet only blot it with a damp towel. Most small spills need to be blotted with a damp towel straight away, be careful not to increase the size of the stain. Don't use household cleaners and be careful using the spotters available at the supermarket, some of these may bleach your carpet. If you can't remove the spot keep a damp towel on it and call us for advice.

The machines you hire are small and not properly maintained. They don't clean deep down as they lack the power. They are very labour intensive, as the tank is small and you are forever filling and emptying it. You can easily over wet your carpet running the risk of damaging it. The chemicals you buy to do the job may not be the correct PH for your carpet. Last of all it takes a lot of time to pick up and drop off the machine, and clean the carpets. It will actually cost you quite a bit in the long run as you have to buy chemicals and defoamers which may have left overs you may never use again.

More than likely the "professional" has used way too much water and over wetted the carpet. The process of WICKING (carpet dries from the bottom up) has caused dirt particles to rise to the top of the fibres. It was not extracted thoroughly.

It was not extracted enough and possibly over wetted. This can cause bacteria and smell.

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