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Specialist Machine

With Our Restroom Cleaning Services Your Restrooms Will Be Ultra Clean!  

When we say your restroom will be ultra clean, we mean it! After years of working in the cleaning industry, we’ve tried all the latest products to ensure we give our customers a clean and sanitised restroom, but nothing has ever worked as well as our latest machine.
Specialist Machine | Tweed Heads & Gold Coast | Ultra Clean Services Gold Coast

Our new machine, named the Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning® System, tackles caked on grime, soils and contaminants from toilets, sinks, benches, tiles, grout and corners and crevices that your standard mop just can’t reach. Better still, this amazing machine doesn’t just clean, it also sanitises!

Our Restroom Cleaning is 60 Times More Effective

With the Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning® System our rest room cleaning is 60 times more effective than restroom cleaning services who clean with traditional methods and equipment. This all comes down to how our system works.

Firstly, we spray cleaning solution over all necessary areas of your restroom, including toilets, sinks and floors. This innovative and efficient cleaning solution helps lift and breakdown grime and bacteria. Then we kick all the dirt and germs to the curb with our high-pressure water spray, which safely removes any stubborn contaminants without damaging surfaces or fixtures. Lastly, we vacuum the floor dry with the same Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning® System, allowing us to completely remove all dirt, bacteria and other bio-hazardous contaminants.

This restroom cleaning method consistently delivers exceptionally clean and sanitised bathrooms, providing you, your employees and your customers with a safe and pleasant restroom experience.
Specialist Machine | Tweed Heads & Gold Coast | Ultra Clean Services Gold Coast
No One Else Does Restroom Cleaning Like We Do!

We are currently the only restroom cleaning service in Southeast Queensland who has a Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning® System. This means no other restroom cleaning service can clean your restroom to the high standard we can!

Contact Ultra Clean Restroom Services in Tweed Heads!

With our restroom cleaning services and our Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning® System, you’ll never have to worry about a customer complaining about the condition of your bathroom or meeting company policy and city council regulations. Contact us today to schedule your next professional restroom clean! We know you’ll love the results and our attention to detail!

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