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Stain Removal

No matter how careful you are, unfortunately accidents still seem to happen. Accidents such as spills don’t discriminate against your favourite lounge suite, chair, rug or carpet. In fact, marks and stains seem to love being in the places we love to be the most!

You’re at home enjoying a dinner party and one of your guests knocks over a glass of red wine that spills all over your beautiful carpet or best antique tablecloth.

Your fake tan might look great at the beach but it’s not such a good look on your furniture!

Carpet Cleaning - Gold Coast - Stain Removal
Carpet Cleaning - Gold Coast - Stain Removal

Maybe your dog or cat has had an accident on your favourite rug or carpet or your child spills food or drink on the carpet. There are so many sources (pardon the pun!) and so many stains that knowing the stain removal remedy for each one off hand when you need it can be virtually impossible.

One thing you need to be aware of when performing home stain removal is how the solution you apply will react with not only the stain but the surface type and material of the item that it is being used on. Stains react differently with different materials depending on whether they’re oil based stains, protein based stains, chemical stains or water based stains. The use of warm versus cold water can also make a difference to stain removal. For example, warm water will set a protein based stain rather than remove it.

When stain removal becomes a problem you need to call in the experts. We have all the professional cleaning solutions and techniques needed to clean most general household stains. We understand the nature of stains and how they react with different materials so you can be sure that when we remove your stubborn stains we won’t cause any harm to the item that has been stained.

Call us for expert stain removal, we can remove most general stains from wool carpets, synthetic carpets and other fabrics. We operate in Tweed Heads and the south end of the Gold Coast. If you need advice about stain removal just give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist.

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