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Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration can be required for water damage caused by flooding from weather, a sewage backup, a burst water pipe, a leaking roof, dishwasher overflow, washing machine overflow, bath tub overflow or from a toilet.

Living in the beautiful region that is south east Queensland means we get to enjoy the wonderful weather that is beautiful one day and perfect the next!

As we know, when it comes to the weather, reality is not quite so perfect all the time! When severe storms hit they can cause water damage throughout your home, destroying carpets and any other item close to the floor level. If you experience water damage to your carpets they need to be cleaned and dealt with as soon as possible. Flood water can contain all kinds of debris that can damage floors, carpets and furniture.

A sewage back up can cause a big mess and if not cleaned up properly can leave an unpleasant odour that can be very hard to remove. Other leaks such as those from household appliances should also be dealt with by a specialist in water damage restoration.

Leaving your carpet to dry naturally is not an effective way to treat water damage. This method will likely cause long term damage from affected areas beneath your carpet which in turn can become mouldy, unhygienic and cause unsightly mould spots as well as a foul smelling odour.

At Ultra Clean Services Gold Coast, our water damage restoration service will help you get your home back to normal as quickly as possible. We will thoroughly inspect the contaminated area, remove non-restorable damaged items, perform a repair treatment using our high powered rotary extractor with hot water. We make sure the area is thoroughly clean and protected with anti mould spray to prevent mould growing.

For prompt and professional help when it comes to water damage restoration call Ultra Clean Services Gold Coast. We look after the areas surrounding Tweed Heads and the southern end of the Gold Coast.

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